IonionStar hotel is located in Preveza near AKTION 3km from the airport of Aktion.

IonionStar is a luxurious and hospitable hotel, with respect for the environment and its guests and also with disabled access friendly apartments and common areas. Our qualified personnel is always ready to fulfill your desires and to ensure you have a comfortable and easy going stay.

Our apartments:
Our apartments are spacious and fully equipped to meet your demands. Each apartment has its own independent air conditioning system, a luxurious bathroom, a living room, a dining room, an electric cooker with oven, a refridgerator with freezer, a safe for storing your jewellery and valuable objects, a 32-inch flat screen television (inside every living room and bedroom), internet access (both wired and wireless), a telephone, a veranda (porch) and electric rolling window shutters. We offer you a total of 8 single, two or three-room apartments, shared between our hotels 2 floors. Our apartments can acomodate two, four or six individuals.

The swimming pool:
Our swimming pool is environmentally friendly and its sterilization is performed with natural sea salt. The pool is surrounded by the hotel's full of green and trees garden. There you can spend your day in a pleasurable way, either by enjoyably swimming in the pool and experiencing a water massage or by relaxing and laying on one of our beach sunbeds that can be found around the pool area or in the hotel's garden. Being a part of the main pool, a junior swimming pool is available so that kids can play safely under their parents' supervision during the pool opening hours.

Wireless internet access:
Each one of our hotel's common areas (bar, pool bar, swimming pool, garden) has free wireless internet access available to our guests.

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48100 - Preveza - Greece, email:

Tel. (0030) 26820 89112 - (0030) 6937 240025, FAX. 26820 89115