At Preveza opposite Aktion and Lefkada, with Parga at 20 minutes IonionStar hotel is located in the hub of the region.

Ionion Star is just 5 minutes away from "Aktion International Airport" and is located inside the beautiful city of Preveza. The city's narrow streets with their traditional road tiles and the walkways next to the beautiful port give Preveza a traditional feeling and make the city ideal for a walking tour.
Preveza's beautiful beaches, Vrachos, Lygi, Artolithia, Ammoudia, Kastrosykia, Monolithi, Kanali are only a short distance away from the hotel.
The ancient roman city of Nicopolis is Located 4 kilometers away from Preveza, a site of significant archaeological interest. The Ancient Nicopolis was a city inside the geographic region of Epirus wich was founded by Romans in 31 A.D. in the southeastern area of Epirus, near the modern city of Preveza. Today, the archaeological site itself is the ancient city that covers the largest land area in Greece.
Visitors can admire the amazing mosaics and wander through the Roman Walls, the Ancient Odeon and the Ancient Theater.
Just 20 miles away from the hotel is The beautiful island of Lefkada, which you can visit by car, with its famous stunning beaches Porto Katsiki, Kathisma, Agios Nikitas, Nydri and the fantastic island of AlexandrosOnassis, Skorpios. You can also visit the islands of Paxi, Antipaxi, Ithaki (Ithaca), Zakynthos and Kefalonia (Cephalonia).

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